Song: “Anyway you want it” - Glee Cast (ya’ll know I can’t resist that)

Author: malimalimali123

Subject: Random

Very nice as always, my only very tiny complaint is that I wish they would save their videos in higher quality.

Unrelated but who else is excited for classics? The most I’ve looked forward to a meet this quad. And hopefully some good montages to come out of it as well.

Song: “Wavin Flag” - K’Naan, which you might recognize as the anthem for the 2010 World Cup ♥

Author: malimalimali123

Subject: random

Song: “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley ♥

Author: grizzoline/ posted by resvalente

Subject: Random/Beautiful gymnastics. Oh, this montage is simply fabulous. The description says “the most beautiful montage I’ve ever seen” and I’m inclined to agree. I love all the compulsary footage in particular, so pretty.


Nastia Liukin “Lady of the Camellias”


New Video. Ana + Harry Potter = Epic

Song: “That’s called a montage!” from South Park, many cool points for that

Author: spannytampson

Subject: 2010 Pac Rims - how lovely was it that there was no Al Trautwig?