Song: “Caravan Girl” by Goldfrapp

Author: malimalimali123

Subject: Random! Very nice clip selection

Author: PepsiMontages92

Song: A classical/celtic sounding piece I’m assuming is called Freedom

Subject: Random - lots of Ukes, Russians and Chinese, which, if you can’t tell by now, is totally my taste ♥

Suggested By: Pikedjaeger

Author: TheGymEffect

Subject: 1997 gymnastics

While this quad is known as the ‘death quad’ for a reason, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who was hooked into the sport during this quad - all my children of the 90’s, this is for you. :)

This montage is a nice reminder that there was lots of good stuff going on - in 97 in particular.

Song: Tetsujin from The Matrix Revolution soundtrack

Author: Lex

Subject: Elena Produnova

Song: Requiem for a Dream theme

Author: fb07montages

Subject: Random, very, very well edited. Lots of clips, as you can tell by my overtagging.

One of the classics of the gym-montage world, and I know Requiem for a Dream is one of the most overused songs in the history of overused songs, but I love it anyway.

Song: “Work”

Author: ItsNastiaFan

Subject: Random, but a focus on those that can, you know, ‘work it’.

A very fun montage, and proof you can make montages to pretty much any kind of song. ♥

Battle of the Luftballoons Part 3

The SvetlanaBaitovaFan version

This was a new find for me, it’s also random in subject and has lots of Dudnik!

Battle of the Luftballoons: Part 1

I’m a sucker for this song and there are three gym montages to it - one being a random montage by misstady, a random one by SvetlanaBaitovaFan, and another being a floor exercise montage by 21najafest.

First up, the version by 21najafest. Love Karin Janz and Mukhina, whom you don’t always see in floor montages.

And now back to the gym montages!

Subject: Random

Song: “Novocaine For The Soul” - The Eels

Author: Grizzoline

Suggested By: PikedJaeger

One of my favorites, EVER. By my favorite montager grizzoline (if you have not seen more by her do yourself a favor, go visit her youtube channel, NOW!). 

I cannot even. So much ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Shame this seems to not be the original as it’s a little low in video quality, but in this case I do not mind a bit. Love in particular the song choice (of course), the random color effects, and goes without saying, the “kwitters try”.